Using Adobe Animate CC in HTML5 canvas mode with external JavaScript files

Using Adobe Animate CC in HTML5 canvas mode with external JavaScript files

Questions : Using Adobe Animate CC in HTML5 canvas mode with external JavaScript files


I’m transitioning a large FLA AS3 project in4codes_animate-cc into Canvas/JS. I have a large external in4codes_animate-cc folder structure of AS files and many in4codes_animate-cc library objects associated with classes.

I’ve converted FLA into a canvas mode but I in4codes_animate-cc can’t find a way to associate JS files to in4codes_animate-cc the objects. I’ve seen online examples about in4codes_animate-cc including JS in frame scripts but I really in4codes_animate-cc hope to find a way to do it with external in4codes_animate-cc files and library objects association.

I’d appreciate any direction or example of in4codes_animate-cc how it can be done.

Thank you

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Answers 1 : of Using Adobe Animate CC in HTML5 canvas mode with external JavaScript files

What I do is adding all my JS utilities in4codes_flash to the html on-the-fly from Animate with in4codes_flash appenChild like this:

frame script:

function loadScript(url) { var body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]; var script = document.createElement('script'); script.type = 'text/javascript'; script.src = url; body.appendChild(script); } loadScript('assets/app/myUtilities.js'); loadScript('assets/libs/coolTool.js'); loadScript('etc..'); s = this; //to have access to the stage 

And access the stage from the external in4codes_flash JS like this:

s.my_movieclip.addEventListener("click", fl_MouseClickHandler.bind(s)); function fl_MouseClickHandler() { console.log('I want banana!'); } 

What I saw is that unfortunately it in4codes_flash seems not possible to instanciate in4codes_flash objects from the library dynamically in in4codes_flash Animate with canvas, I think that the in4codes_flash best solution is to prepare your views in4codes_flash on the timeline.

On the other hand, JS offer lot of in4codes_flash functionalities (for instance calling in4codes_flash Bootstrap Dialog Modals from your code).



Answers 2 : of Using Adobe Animate CC in HTML5 canvas mode with external JavaScript files

I’ve spent some time and managed to get in4codes_flash a better understanding how it works and in4codes_flash created a simple example of converting in4codes_flash Flash Actionscript project with external in4codes_flash AS files and object-oriented structure in4codes_flash into Animate CC Canvas and Javascript in4codes_flash files project with similar files in4codes_flash structure.

You can view it at in4codes_flash



Answers 3 : of Using Adobe Animate CC in HTML5 canvas mode with external JavaScript files

CreateJS can do that for you (the in4codes_flash PreloadJS library).

var queue = new createjs.LoadQueue(); queue.loadManifest([ "auxiliary.js", "main.js" ]);


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