mov rbp, rsp in function prologue

mov rbp, rsp in function prologue

Questions : mov rbp, rsp in function prologue

push rbp mov rbp, rsp mov DWORD PTR [rbp-0x4],edi 

In assembly function prologue, isn’t push in4codes_assembly rbp already moves its value to rsp ? Why did in4codes_assembly mov rbp, rsp instruction move the same rsp in4codes_assembly values to rbp again? Is it necessary or in4codes_assembly redundant?

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Answers 1 : of mov rbp, rsp in function prologue

isn’t push rbp already moves its value in4codes_x86 to rsp?

No. push rbp is equivalent to:

sub rsp, 8 ; but without setting FLAGS mov [rsp], rbp 

No more, no less, just like pushing any in4codes_x86 other register in4codes_x86 ( in4codes_x86 This stores rbp to memory pointed-to by in4codes_x86 rsp, but doesn’t modify registers other in4codes_x86 than rsp-=8. It’s not an enter in4codes_x86 instruction.

You may already know this, but rbp is in4codes_x86 used as a frame pointer. mov rbp, rsp in4codes_x86 saves the previous top of the stack to in4codes_x86 rbp, and this top now serves as the in4codes_x86 bottom of the current stack frame.

But this creates an issue: if rbp has in4codes_x86 been modified, what about the previous in4codes_x86 stack frame? Since the stack frame has in4codes_x86 been modified, after this function in4codes_x86 returns, rbp would be in the wrong in4codes_x86 position and things would go very wrong.

This is where push rbp comes in. It in4codes_x86 saves the value of rbp before being in4codes_x86 modified so that right before the in4codes_x86 function returns, rbp’s original value in4codes_x86 can be popped right back to rbp so the in4codes_x86 previous stack frame remains okay.

(Or in other words, rbp is in4codes_x86 call-preserved, so we need to in4codes_x86 save/restore it as part of setting it up in4codes_x86 as a frame pointer for our stack frame.)



Answers 2 : of mov rbp, rsp in function prologue

mov rbp, rsp takes the current value in in4codes_x86 rsp and moves it into rbp.

Think as: You want to save the last in4codes_x86 stackframe and build another one.

There is also a difference between intel in4codes_x86 (the code above) and at&t syntax.

Intel: mov dest, source


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