How use [optionalTrackingData] with viber-bot

How use [optionalTrackingData] with viber-bot

Questions : How use [optionalTrackingData] with viber-bot


I want to get some extra data from the user in4codes_viber-bot in my viber bot. This can be done via in4codes_viber-bot [optionalTrackingData]. But no matter how in4codes_viber-bot hard I try to send a message with in4codes_viber-bot [optionalTrackingData], the message from the in4codes_viber-bot user is always empty. Maybe there are some in4codes_viber-bot additional settings? I write on Node.js

this what I in4codes_viber-bot tried: bot.sendMessage(response.userProfile, in4codes_viber-bot [ new TextMessage(“please select your in4codes_viber-bot email:”), keyboardMessage ], in4codes_viber-bot {‘trackingData’:’trackingData’});

please help

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ok, I just reload mode.js and it start in4codes_node.js working