Arranging labels on a tkinter canvas

Feedback Question: My objective is to create a program that displays a label at the bottom left and bottom right corners of the window. To achieve this, my code is structured as below: root = Tk() root.geometry(“1000×250”) var = StringVar() label = Label( root, textvariable=var) var.set(“Hey!? How are you doing?”), y=60) label.pack() root.configure(background=’lightyellow’) root.mainloop() […]

Encountering an Error with Function in the Context of torch.optim

Appreciation is expressed for your response. Solution 1: Attempt to modify the shape of the tensor to enable matrix multiplication. Alternatively, when initializing the tensor, provide the correct shape. Solution 2: Alternatively, consider the following: Question: While executing the python code, a runtimeError occurs on line 44: RuntimeError: Expected all tensors to be on the […]

Choosing DataFrame columns using partial matching

My dataframe has columns with similar names, as shown in the example data. I also have three lists of column names that correspond to the original column names (i.e. the string before the question mark), which are stored in “Groups”. After that, I use a pandas solution to convert columns to a dataframe, join dataframes, […]

Is it possible to use if else statement with multiple conditions in Python? [CASE SOLVED]

Feedback Solution 1: Try this: name = input(“set name: “) if not (name== “James”): print(“Name was wrong”) return #exit the function if something not valid pPassWord= input(“Set password: “) if not (pPassWord== “Example”): print(“Password was wrong”) return else: print(“Name and password is right ! 🙂 “) Solution 2: name = input(“set name: “) pPassWord= input(“Set […]

Converting a Table into an Image: A Step-by-Step Guide

To use an image outside of Microsoft Word, save it first. You can convert a table into an image in Word, which will prevent any changes to it. This image can then be shared via email or chat applications instead of sending the entire document. To avoid unintended modifications or share it rather than sending […]

Generating a PySpark Dataframe from GroupBy using Python

Feedback Solution 1: The maximum of a masked difference can be used to obtain the difference for each account name. from pyspark.sql import functions as F, Window df2 = df.withColumn( ‘new_column1’, F.max( F.when( F.col(‘namespace’) == ‘Transversal’, F.col(‘cost’) – F.col(‘cost_to_pay’) ) ).over(Window.partitionBy(‘accountname’)) ) +———–+———–+—-+———–+———–+ |accountname| namespace|cost|cost_to_pay|new_column1| +———–+———–+—-+———–+———–+ | account001| ns1| 93| 9| 68| | account001|Transversal| […]

Creating a Marquee in a Tkinter Label: A Step-by-Step Guide

My intention is to give these spans a horizontal scrolling effect, akin to the Marquee effect used for text. However, the majority of the available examples only demonstrate the Marquee effect for text, and not for spans. Question: I have this source code: from Tkinter import * import tkMessageBox import time class Window(Tk): def __init__(self,parent): […]

Python Implementation of Circular/Polar Histogram

In circular histograms, it’s better to represent the number of data points using the area of a bin rather than its radial extent. To recreate the graphics shown above, you can use the code provided. To ensure the accuracy of circular histograms, it’s more effective to maintain the proportionality of the area of each bin […]

Entire rows with negative values eliminated by pandas

Feedback Question: What is the method to eliminate a row entirely if it has negative values? df = pd.DataFrame({‘col1’: [1,-2,3,4], ‘col2’: [-1, -2, -3, 4], ‘col4’: [1,-2,3,4]}) output col1 col2 col4 1 -1 1 3 -3 3 4 4 4 Solution 1: Or: >>> df[] col1 col2 col4 0 1 -1 1 2 3 -3 […]

Updated Python Code Example for Rasterio Profile

The pixel values in the band columns represent the values from various raster files that correspond to specific point geometries. These raster files, such as band1 and band2, indicate different land use classes, with Class 1 representing one type and Class 2 representing the opposite. My question is, I am in search of Python code […]