Utilizing Particular Criteria with DataFrame.loc in Pandas Python

Feedback Question: I possess an MSDT_A1 and my aim is to cherry-pick only those rows that have the ‘code’ available in my set. At present, I am attempting the following method: country_codes = set(set(dle[‘Code’]) & set(dgdp[‘Code’])) dgdp.loc[dgdp[‘Code’].str in country_codes] or dgdp.loc[dgdp[‘Code’] in country_codes] I encounter typeerror: ‘series’ objects are mutable, thus they cannot be hashed […]

Example of Python Code for Saving Audio Files

Here is an demo implementation , inspiration from here Setup: I had a audio file with spoken english letters from to in the file “a-z.wav”. A sub-directory was created in the current working directory. Solution: Greetings and salutations to StackOverflow! It appears that acquiring a byte string representing the WAV data can be achieved by […]

Installing or Updating Conda without an Internet Connection

Instead of using Conda, try using Poetry (https://python-poetry.org/) which is a Python package designed to handle package dependencies. To use Poetry, first install it, then create a virtual environment for your project using Pyenv or any other tool. Once you activate your virtual environment, create a Poetry project and add your package dependencies to your […]

Python – adding elements to multiple arrays

Feedback Question: If I intended to conduct a test similar to Levene’s test for equal variances using scipy stats, where two outputs (the test statistic and p-value) are generated for all the data in a dictionary, how can I add the outputs for each test to two separate lists? I attempted the following code: test_stat[] […]

Method os.utime() in Python 3

The function utime() is used to modify the access and modified times of a file specified by its path. In attempting to modify the datetime of the file using the ordinal format, it became apparent that this method was not accurate. It should be noted that this is not the same as converting datetime to […]

Adding a Key-Value Pair to a Python Dictionary: An Example Code

Using the Counter() method, one can identify the frequency of elements. To locate elements with multiple keys, list comprehension can be utilized. In certain cases involving dictionaries, there may be a need to retain those that share similar key values in another dictionary. Solution: Perhaps, it would be necessary to include them individually. For instance: […]

Lambda Execution Time Problem

In my lambda function, I retrieve the start and stop time, and then subtract one hour from the current time. Question: Currently, I am tasked with scraping a large number of URLs from a file in an S3 bucket within a specific time frame, and then storing them in a searchable database. However, I am […]