Change the sequence of lines in Notepad

To reverse the order of lines, access the Edit menu, followed by Line Operations, and then select Reverse Line Order. Keep in mind that this action will reverse the order of the selected lines, or the entire file if no lines are selected. To execute the command, either press Enter or click Run. It is […]

Adding a page break symbol in Notepad++

To insert a page break in Microsoft Word, the break is added automatically when the content surpasses the page limit. However, it’s not possible to manually remove a page break in a Word document. Question: To insert a page break character in UltraEdit, you can utilize your designated keyboard shortcut (in my case, it’s the […]

Executing C Code in Notepad++: A Step-by-Step Guide

Additionally, you might find this post helpful, as it explains how to configure NppExec to navigate to the relevant line of source code by double-clicking on any error that appears in the NppExec console while compiling using GCC. Moreover, for single file projects, you may find the following NppExec script useful, wherein the first line […]

Using Notepad++ to Replace Math Operations with Their Results

Feedback Question: I possess multiple extensive .txt documents, such as the samples given below: data=”32/3″ count id=”3″ data=”0.0237/4″ ext min=”1″ max=”3″ data=”28.69*2″ My objective is to locate every mathematical operation and substitute it with its outcome, as demonstrated here: data=”10.666667″ count id=”3″ data=”0.005925″ ext min=”1″ max=”3″ data=”57.38″ Is there a means of automating this task […]

Making Notepad++ your default file opener: A guide

Take a look at this screenshot that shows how to set Notepad++ as the default program for your files. In the Default Programs menu, choose Notepad++.exe as your preferred program. Another solution is to set Notepad++ as the default program for .txt files specifically. Question: My installed notepad is located on the D drive, but […]

Combine all lines in Notepad++ with a separator

To remove any headers, select from the end of the first line (hold shift key) to the beginning of the second line. Next, use the Control H option. This will bring up the Replace dialog box where you can enter your separator (like the semi colon 😉 in the “Replace with:” section and leave the […]

Optimal Encoding Configurations for Notepad++

Inquiry: I am attempting to evaluate certain USB-connected probes on a Linux machine using Perl 5.28 and Linux (Debian 8). You can view the source code here. Alternative Option 2: To locate it in Notepad++, launch the Find dialog box (Ctrl+F), type in the specified phrase, and double-check that the Search Mode is set to […]

Appending Text to the End of a Line in Notepad++

My desired outcome is to add “at the end of every line” in multiple lines of text. One possible solution through script/command line is to use Alt key with mouse movement from the first to last line to select the last column. Question: I am interested in appending text to lines that begin with the […]