Vue 3: A Guide to Configuring Tailwind CSS

Toggle between full screen mode by clicking on “Enter fullscreen mode” or “Exit fullscreen mode”. By generating the Tailwind and post CSS configuration files, two files will be created in the root directory namely “” and “”. To begin with Tailwind CSS in a new Remix application, execute the commands to create the Remix app […]

Checking for Unused npm Packages: A Guide

Employ depcheck, a tool that not only identifies unused dependencies in JavaScript projects but also detects missing dependencies in the project’s setup. When developing an application, it is typical to add different npm modules resulting in the growth of the package.json and node-modules directory as well as the application code. To reduce the amount of […]

Sending Emails using Node.js: A Guide

The transporter object includes a method called sendMail that takes email configurations and a callback function as input parameters. The callback function executes after the mail has been sent or due to an error. Using Nodemailer, it is possible to send various types of files through email, as the email service accepts them. An example […]

Automatically Restarting a Node.js Application

The nodemon tool facilitates the development of node.js apps by restarting the application automatically on detecting changes in the directory. To install nodemon as a devDependency, execute the command. Once nodemon is installed, generate a dev script that will reload the app whenever changes are made during development. In order to see changes made to […]

Using the XML npm package to Transform JSON into XML

The package.json file ought to resemble the given format. After installing the TypeScript and XML npm packages, we can proceed to configure TypeScript for compiling the code to be used with Node.js. We can add an npm package.json script for this purpose. XML has various uses, including RESTful HTTP API endpoints that accept and return […]

Node.js authentication with Auth0 for validating JavaScript tokens

Auth0, a user-friendly and flexible authentication and authorization platform, simplifies the implementation process by generating login boxes for web application users. Simply select “Application” as indicated in the image below. Hey everyone! You’ve probably come across Auth0 multiple times, but you may still be unsure about its purpose. Alternatively, you might already know about it […]

Refined Template for NodeJS Projects

This tool is specifically designed for a particular project and is not intended for direct use in other projects. To begin, open a Terminal session and execute the following command: > Switch to fullscreen mode and then exit when necessary. Proceed by installing the necessary server dependencies. Next, install the required client dependencies. Perform a […]

Choosing Between a Playwright and a Puppeteer: Which Is the Better Option?

To effectively test the full range of website capabilities, headless browsers must emulate complete browsers by closely adhering to multiple web standards. This is especially important when testing more complex websites, as headless browsers generally work best for simpler ones. Additionally, static websites, also known as JAMstack, have gained significant popularity in recent times. Authored […]

Utilizing Sequelize.js and SQLite within an Express.js Application

This tutorial will demonstrate the use of sequelize-cli to handle the generation of Data Definition Language (DDL) for database table creation and the generation of data models for executing Data Manipulation Language (DML) queries. Additionally, it includes a migration system for schema version control. Once the data models and SQLite database structure are defined, the […]