Running Nginx on Multiple Ports: A Guide

It’s likely that you want to change your to listen on port 80 as well. This is because the server_name directive in both server blocks is sufficient to differentiate requests. By doing so, you can avoid adding :81 to the domain name in every request. For the solution, you can add the listen statement […]

Changing port of nginx

I need to set up nginx on port 7007 since my application cannot operate on port 80 which is already occupied by nginx. Question: I am interested in running both Apache and Nginx on the same machine. Currently, I have successfully configured and running Apache on port 80 . Now, my goal is to have […]

Utilizing DNS to Access a Docker Network from the Host

There is abundant documentation available on how to establish communication from a container to the host. However, I have noticed a lack of information on achieving the opposite without manually exposing it with HOST_PORT. In the docker swarm mode, we have two containers, container1 and container2, which are both connected to the same overlay network. […]

Adding a Fixed Parameter to the URL in Nginx’s proxy_pass Feature: Feasibility Explained

According to Maxim Dounin’s statement on gzip_static, which can be applied to brotli_static, it seems that brotli_static only processes files and not HTTP resources. Additionally, it was mentioned that the server has generated .br files. As a result, downloading the uncompressed file of 1,157,704 size was successful. Question: Is there a way to include a […]

Temporary file created to store upstream response

To begin, set up Nginx Ingress for GCE-GKE by running the deployment command. Wait for the Nginx Ingress Controller to be assigned an external IP. Next, configure your Ingress Resource by adding the necessary information to use NGINX Ingress Controller. Failure to do so will result in the default gce ingress class being used. Lastly, […]

Differentiating between break; and last; in nginx rewrite

If there is a condition or something similar, it will forward a request with a new URI. If a specified keyword is present, nginx will restart the process of request handling and trigger a new search within the blocks for the new URI. The documentation for nginx provides comprehensive information on both conditions. In terms […]

Reinstalling Let’s Encrypt on Nginx for Ubuntu 20.04

If you are using DigitalOcean, refer to the DNS documentation for detailed information on how to add an A record that points to the server’s public IP address. Follow the instructions to install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04, which has an A record pointing to the server’s public IP address and a domain server block. In […]