Can an unprivileged user execute ‘unshare -n [program]’?

The LWN article “Namespaces in operation, part 6: more on user namespaces” provides a list of potential uses for creating namespaces without privileges. However, the implementation of user namespaces has also brought about several security risks to Linux, leading some distributions to disable the default unprivileged creation of user namespaces. Consequently, without user namespaces, the […]

Obtaining the IP address of Raspberry Pi

You can lookup the IP address by hostname. Assuming the hostname of your Pi is “raspberrypi” Here is how you obtain the IP address using ping command and hostname . From Linux: ping raspberrypi Solution: The following works for me To begin, eliminate the contents of interface eth0:? within /etc/dhcpcd.conf , while retaining the information […]

Renaming a Linux network interface without Udev or rebooting: A continuous process

To change the name of network interfaces in Ubuntu 16.04, add the following code to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. Instead of using udev rules, which are still effective, it is recommended to use systemd to manage network configuration. To set the name of an interface, use the ‘set-name’ command and match it with the MAC address. Once the […]

A Guide to Permanently Disabling a Network Interface

To ensure persistence after a reboot, you can achieve this by not specifying a default gateway on the secondary interface in control panel’s ipv4 settings, as it is unnecessary. Solution: Consider incorporating these lines into the /etc/rc.local file. ip link set dev “eth1” down ip link set dev “eth2” down ip link set dev “eth3” […]

Raspberry Pi Experiences Transient Name Resolution Issue

Halt any active applications attempting to establish an internet connection, such as your python script, and examine for continuous and prompt interruptions in the connection. Any other issues, such as ping, name resolution, or HTTP connection, are merely secondary consequences of the faulty IP connection. Solution 1: It seems like your issue is not […]

New Website Encounters DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error

To set up your DNS, use the following IP addresses: as the primary DNS address and as the secondary DNS address. For router method, access your router settings, find the DNS settings, and enter both IP addresses. Reconnect your internet connection afterward. You can also refer to this link for more details: […]

Multiple Network Adapters in Hyper-V

The initial network interface controller (NIC) is dedicated to remote access, while the virtual machines need to interact with each other, the host system, and other physical servers on the network. This led to the creation of an external virtual network, which seems to be incompatible with Hyper-V. To address this issue, I aim to […]