Causes of Malformed Packet Errors in tcpdump (LOIC DDoS Attack)

Despite leaving us with choices, we must handle the main duty of maintaining ROS control-loops’ stability within constrained Time and Power domains. This duty may involve addressing missing or re-transmitted payloads due to indirectly detected errors, such as those identified through time-stamping or monotonic-ordinal indexing. Unlike other communication patterns, ROS is limited to a single […]

Authentication Error on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 Causes Server Rejection for Mount_smbfs

After upgrading Mac OS X to 10.13, there is an authentication error when establishing SMB connections. Helpful information can be found on the Server Fault website ( and the official Apple support page ( A common issue is that Mac OS Sierra forgets permissions at the folder level when connected to an SMB share. Popular […]

Comparison of Fiber Optic Cables: Single Mode vs Multimode

Multimode fiber optic cables, which include those with more than 24 cores, offer numerous advantages compared to copper. One of the notable advantages is the reduction of attenuation in fiber optic transmissions. Solution 1: According to the “cisco sfp modules for gigabit ethernet applications data sheet,” all SFPs listed, including those for multimode and single-mode […]

MacBook Pro Experiences Network Connection Timeouts

One possible solution to the issue is to address a known bug in Mac OS X. Specifically, Cisco IPSec connections are subject to a lifetime limit of 3600 seconds (or 60 minutes), which is due to the soft and hard limits of IPSec connections. Typically, this timeout occurs around 45 to 50 minutes. After enabling […]

Decoding the Meaning of WPS on a Modem

As for Solution 2, I suggest avoiding the use of MAC address filtering since it is a waste of time. It should not be relied upon as a security measure, as it merely provides a false sense of security without offering any real protection. Solution 1: In addition to the answer already provided, I will […]