Permission Denied: Fdisk Unable to Access Dev Ram0

While it’s possible for a Linux system administrator to examine a mounted filesystem, let’s move on from that topic. Within the directory sub-tree for device nodes on Linux, you’ll typically only encounter device nodes for devices that are present on your system and have their corresponding kernel-level drivers installed. Solution 1: It is likely that […]

Understanding the Significance of ENXIO in i2c ioctl

The man page provides detailed explanations of the return codes associated with I_-prefixed operations, but not for other operations. In this instance, the device lacked dedicated i2c hardware and instead relied on a software emulation implemented in function of what seems to be bit-banging. Question: I’ve made my i2c adapter available to userspace as /dev/i2c-0 […]

Acquire Subnet Mask on Linux with Bash

Feedback Solution 1: There are a few methods to accomplish this. The following code can be used to format the mask as when printing. /sbin/ifconfig wlan0 | awk ‘/Mask:/{ print $4;} ‘ To obtain the subnet mask in the format of, the ip command can be utilized. ip -o -f inet addr show […]

Executing a root-level bash installation script

After installing the packages, the script must configure normal user files and fetch plugins. It is more desirable to execute this process as a regular user to avoid ownership of the git repos and files by root. A program snippet serves as an example of this process. At the end of the script, it is […]

Tracking TCP Traffic on a Designated Port

To monitor incoming connections on a specific port and write them to a text file, Solution 4 suggests using ngrep. However, since port 443 is encrypted traffic, it can be difficult to make sense of the traffic on this port. Yum or apt-get can be used to install ngrep. Question: Despite conducting an extensive search, […]

Installing VMware Player bundle in Darwin Linux’s bash

While installing VMware, you cannot do it entirely through Ubuntu Software Centre. Instead, you receive a .bundle file, which you must run first to install the program. After installation, you may encounter an error where the kernel is missing, similar to previous versions. Another solution is that you may face difficulties running an ELF binary […]

Storing the Output of the diff Command in Linux: A Guide

To save the output from the diff command, you can use Solution 2 and specify the file name as C.txt. Alternatively, Solution 3 involves using output redirection to store the diff of file1 and file2 to output. In Solution 1, the “normal diff” output is interpreted as follows: “-” indicates lines in file1.txt, “+” indicates […]

Undeclared Usage of srand(), rand(), and system() Functions

In handling extensive software projects involving sizeable teams, it is crucial to distinguish between time intervals and “absolute” times and be aware of their magnitudes. As a solution, one can use a function that accepts an argument of type unsigned int. Solution 1: The function calls you made were assumed to accept an unknown number […]