Retrieving all classes from the classpath

In order to prevent initialization errors caused by loading certain classes at the wrong time and avoid loading all classes into memory, you can utilize utility classes from the Guava library’s package. JProfiler allows you to attach to a running JVM or load a heap dump file to obtain JVM-related metrics, such as the names […]

Absence of Empty Strings in Java: What is the Reason?

There are three solutions to the problem. The first solution suggests that since String literals are interned by default, there will only be one empty String object no matter how many times you refer to it in code. The second solution involves using a specific method to solve the issue. As for the third solution, […]

Message receiving by Javax.jms.MessageConsumer gets stuck upon closing the consumer

Is the MessageConsumer object operating by polling or is it receiving real-time push notifications from the JMS server? In the book “Java Message Service (O’Reilly Java Series)” by David A. Chappell, Richard Monson-Haefel, and Mark Richards, it is explained that in the point-to-point messaging model, messages are typically pulled from the queue rather than pushed […]

Example of Java Code Defaulting Boolean Values

A Boolean object is generated by the following statement, with a value of true if the string parameter matches the string “true” regardless of case and is not null; otherwise, a Boolean object with a value of false is produced. The function returns the boolean primitive value of the Boolean object. The java.lang package includes […]

Java Implementation: Transmitting Form Data (Including Images and Parameters) Similar to Curl

Question: I need to execute a command that produces the correct output, and I want to replicate this functionality in Java using HttpUrlConnection (or any third-party library). My current code implementation appears as follows: Solution 1: I attempted to utilize Apache HttpClient for this purpose, resulting in the following modification to my code. Question: I […]

Updating a Key’s Value in a HashMap: A Guide

Upon setting the value to null during the update process, consider implementing the following solution: To avoid pairing the same list object for every key in the for loop, use the constructor to create a new object each time. One approach is to utilize the ‘public ArrayList(Collection c)’ method. Here’s a question to consider: What’s […]

Exception not thrown by Java Mockito

Feedback Question: To cause an exception to be returned, I am attempting to stub a void method belonging to an object referred to as mocked object . The service I am testing relies on this mocked object as a dependency. Service: @Component public class FileHandler { private static final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(FileHandler.class); private final […]

Spring Boot Maven Plugin: Restricting Source Package and Dependency Inclusion to Specific Profiles

Instead of utilizing the Paketo buildpacks, we can opt for GraalVM’s native build tools to develop native images by utilizing the ‘native-image’ compiler. After setting up our Spring Boot project, baeldung-spring-native, we can incorporate buildpacks to construct native images. Solution 1: Create an additional src folder, similar to scroo , and set up a profile […]