Inside a black hole: Understanding the presence of particles with negative energy

As the particle nears the horizon, its positive momentum transforms into positive energy while its negative energy turns into negative momentum. Though this brief transition period of negative energy could pose a challenge, it is fortunately short-lived (with some hand-waving). Solution 1: As per my understanding, any observer, regardless of being inertial or not, having […]

Decoding the Mystery of Gyroscopes

Although it is feasible to establish a configuration where the transfer of angular momentum occurs between the gyroscope and the Earth, it is not necessary to consider this scenario when accounting for the initiation of gyroscopic precession. For further information, you can visit Can you explain how a MEMS gyroscope can provide orientation? Question: […]

Is Our Planet Approaching the Sun?

Although not all cosmic rays move at relativistic speeds, the Earth is capable of reaching such speeds. Ultimately, the Earth’s orbital speeds can approach those of light. Solution 1: The Earth’s position in orbit around the sun is maintained by the spacetime distortion that is produced due to the mass of the Sun. This phenomenon […]

Questioning the Large Diameter of the Universe Despite the Limitation of Light Speed [duplicate]

When asked about the expansion of space, a brief explanation is that the particles are pushed further apart without exceeding the speed of light. Once the stretching has occurred, it’s important to note that light continues to move at its normal speed, unaffected by the expansion. To demonstrate this, one can ask if the distance […]

Examining the Stress-Energy Component of Einstein’s Equation through the Schwarzschild Solution

The fact that $R_{munu} = 0$, which is the Einstein field equation for a vacuum solution, does not render the Einstein field equations obsolete. This equation imposes certain conditions on the ansatz used for the Schwarzschild metric and is crucial for its derivation. Additionally, it should be noted that the stress tensor $T^{munu}$ in the […]