Utilizing DNS Prefetching in WordPress

To ensure that elements calling external resources are put first, consider using negative numbers as priority. One solution is to utilize the resource hints API in WordPress 4.6.0, which automatically adds all unique enqueued domains. However, if you are using a version older than 4.6.0, you can only use the following answer. To prioritize your […]

Enhancing Website Speed by Incorporating for fontawesome-webfont.woff2

To utilize FontAwesome in Chrome extensions, follow these steps: Firstly, obtain the .zip file for FontAwesome by downloading it directly from the link provided (alternatively, you can visit the download page). Additionally, for version 5 (currently 5.13.0) of FontAwesome, an updated answer to @Thomas Kekeisen’s response is available and can be added. Question: As per […]

Reading Logarithmic Scale: Tips and Tricks

To display ticks, labels, and grid on the axis, you can utilize the values provided. For instance, when working with a log-plot in matplotlib, modifying the tick labels manually usually yields satisfactory results. Question: Displayed below are histograms . Can you help me understand how to interpret logarithmic scale ? Specifically, in histogram 1, there […]

Implementing a 5-Star Rating System to Your Theme with Wp_star_rating()

The extensive capabilities of this plugin encompass thumb rating, comment rating, and multiple ratings. Initially, I personally developed these features; however, when faced with the rating challenge, I opted to utilize a plugin instead. Consequently, I implemented easy post types. Question: My objective is to incorporate a 5-star rating system into my theme. I have […]

Issue with the class-wp-hook.php File

To resolve the problem, I removed the absent function from the plugin file that was causing the error message stating “function ‘wp_schedule_https_detection’ not found or invalid function name.” It’s likely that you’re calling the ‘wp_schedule_https_detection’ function in your plugin file but it’s not present in the plugin file. Unexpectedly, both of my websites started displaying […]