Conditional Logic Integration with Ninja Forms

The BCC field can be used to enter email addresses alongside the TO field when sending emails. To send form submitted data to multiple email accounts, simply separate the email addresses with a comma and/or use the BCC field. Question: What mean Contains, what can i do ? enter image description here Solution: The function […]

Strategies for Entering Customer Email during Stripe Checkout

Feedback Solution 1: It is not possible to pre-fill the customer’s email when using Stripe Payment Links. In case you are proficient in coding, the Stripe API can be utilized to generate a pre-filled email Checkout Session. Following this, you may direct your customer to the designated location, url , specified in the Checkout Session […]

Form validation in react

Manage the error by using the if-else statement in the sandbox. Utilize the error handling codes and example provided in the react-use-form to handle errors. Upon callback, the field will be added to the “fields” state property which will be used for iteration during form submission. The controls that feature an “isValid” method will be […]

CSS and HTML: Adding a Placeholder to Input Type Date

You can achieve this by using a CSS trick. Once you attach it to your HTML, the dates can be used as placeholders. For instance, here is an HTML code with the above-mentioned CSS code. You can refer to the codepen URL – for more details. To add a font icon, you can replace […]

Code Example for Custom Type in Symfony Form Template using PHP

In your template, you can include the following solutions: Solution 1: Typically, I don’t include the scripts and css files in the base template within the javascript block. Instead, they are placed in the base.html.twig file. This prevents them from being overridden when adding site-specific scripts in the otherside.html.twig file. Solution 2: If you don’t […]

Directly Incorporating a Google Form into a Website’s HTML

The only option available is to have every user manually adjust their security settings to ‘Low’, which is not a feasible solution. Google Forms, a widely recognized online platform created and maintained by Google, is frequently used. If you desire to create your own form, which is hosted independently of Google and submitted to a […]

Angular: How to Add a New FormGroup to an Existing FormGroup in HTML

To access the FormArrayName in Angular, follow this link: It is important to understand when to use FormGroup versus FormArray. The former saves data as an object, while the latter saves it as an array. There are two solutions to this issue. The first solution involves using a screenshot for better understanding, which can […]