Header file containing fonts represented as bitmaps

Is there a source code or a lightweight library available that can be used to draw fonts from pixels? Additionally, I have modified my code based on M Oehm’s answer. It was difficult for me to install fonts initially because even though I had copied the font file to the fonts folder, it was not […]

Loading of font interrupted with error code Net::ERR_ABORTED

Current permissions for www are Permissions for www permissions for html are as follows: Permissions for html could someone point me to a good tutorial on permission for linux/Apache web server or other suggestion on how to resolve? I have so far made the situation worse by trying to change permissions. Question: There is a […]

Integrating a new typeface into a Jasper report

To add a font in iReport, navigate to the “Tools” menu, then select “Options” and click on “Install Fonts.” In order to correctly embed and display fonts in PDFs using Font Extension, it is recommended to use jasper report version 5 or 6 (itext). To render fonts in PDFs using font extensions, follow this checklist: […]

Converting an .svg file to a woff icon font: What’s the process?

The Icomoon App provides a variety of options such as acquiring icons from different icon fonts, uploading different fonts including icon and regular fonts, importing SVG files to use as icons, merging icons from multiple available fonts, assigning UNICODE hex value for preferred characters, and creating and saving the desired font set. However, embedding icons […]

Adjusting Font Size in WKWebView: A Guide

To create the required string, simply execute the NSString. For the first solution, I resolved this issue by including an HTML string. Here’s the code for Objective-C and Swift. Furthermore, if you prefer to load a URL instead of HTML, you could try this alternative approach. Alternatively, for the second solution, Swift 5, you can […]

Vani font family

The following is a list of font families, their respective file names, and versions: – Aharoni Bold (ahronbd.ttf) version 5.10 – Aldhabi (aldhabi.ttf) version 1.00 – Andalus (andlso.ttf) version 6.00 – Angsana New (angsa.ttf) version 5.01 – Angsana New Italic (angsai.ttf) version 5.01 – Angsana New Bold (angsab.ttf) version 5.01 – Angsana New Bold Italic […]

Restricting CORS to Font Files Only on IIS

To enable CORS, there are three ways you can do it: at the global level, at the controller level, or at the specific method level. If you choose to enable it at the method level, you can use the EnableCors attribute decoration as shown in the code below: [EnableCors(origins: ” “, headers: ” “, methods: […]

Font Awesome Eye Icon

If the font size is adequate, there won’t be any problem with using serif fonts on the screen. The use of modern font rendering techniques such as ClearType anti-aliasing and proper hinting, along with large fonts, has resolved this issue on modern displays. Font 48 The look in your eyes With lyrics By E-1000, John […]


In order to use the font, you can refer to its name in a CSS stylesheet, CSS Module, or CSS-in-JS. The font also has the capability to support variable fonts. Instead of using Google font, the font was hosted and embedded using fontquirrel webfont generator. Fontsource Josefin Slab The package includes web font files and […]

Typesetting Korean (Hangul) characters in LaTeX: A Guide

On page 5 of the polyglossia documentation, the language names are listed in lower case, such as ‘korean’, not ‘Korean’. If using an upper case name for Korean is not a preferable solution for the bug in lualatex and/or polyglossia, is there any alternative to handle it? However, it should be noted that the language […]