Eliminating white spaces from a string using Dart’s Flutter

Feedback Solution: The reason for this is the vertical margin that has been set for your hour menu widget, which can be reduced. import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; class HourMenuWidget extends StatelessWidget { const HourMenuWidget({this.active, this.icon, this.title, this.onTap}); final bool active; final IconData icon; final String title; final Function onTap; @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return GestureDetector( onTap: […]

Using Auth0 in Flutter: A Guide

Solution: Admins using the Manager’s app can generate new users, specifying details such as name and email. Solution 3: I suggest referring to the Auth0 team’s blog post for implementing Flutter authentication – Get Started with Flutter Authentication. Solution 4: To implement Auth0 JS SPA SDK for Flutter Web App, I am creating a wrapper. […]

Flutter WebView: Does it Support WebGL?

The canvas kit web application works seamlessly on various web browsers like Android with Chrome, Android with Firefox, different browsers on Linux and Windows, and multiple browsers on iOS 14.x, except Internet Explorer. To address this issue, the Android platform utilizes Platform Views to incorporate Android WebView, while WKWebView is applied on iOS. Question: As […]

Revising the Hint Text for TextField in Flutter

It is evident that the trailing is a hint text that disappears when the user inputs a number. Question: I have the user interface (UI) of a text field from Figma. Question: Upon careful observation of the two pictures, it becomes apparent that the default text hint (“Enter a search term”) is positioned lower in […]

Symlink support necessary for building Flutter plugins

In the developer mode, select the option to install apps from any source, including loose files, only once. Question: Every time I attempt to install a dependency in pubspec.yaml , I encounter the error message listed below in the log. Building with plugins requires symlink support. Please enable Developer Mode in your system settings. Run […]

Flutter Widget Tree: Implementing ‘for’ Statements

Feedback Question: I’m encountering difficulty with updating the page upon a variable modification in either the parent or child widget, both of which are stateful classes. In a single class, there are three buttons that modify the state of a variable named “foodCategory. int foodCategory = 0; // down in the elevated button body – […]