Modifying a Map Key in Elixir

To update a map with a new value, one solution is to update an array first. The function parameters can be pattern-matched to update only the specific map with the given name. Another solution is to use a simpler method such as piping or a comprehension. Additionally, there may be a more efficient method available […]

A Comparative Analysis of Polymorphism in Elixir and Java

If you have knowledge about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Java, this article will assist you in finding similarities between Java class hierarchies and elixir protocols. One significant benefit of Elixir protocols compared to Java class hierarchies is the ability to provide custom implementations of protocols for structs from external libraries. Introduction This article aims […]

Detecting Empty Strings in Elixir: A Guide

To convert specific values while leaving other values intact, you can use the binary ‘or’ operator (||) as it treats null and undefined as falsy values. For instance, this will convert null and undefined to the empty string. To handle the empty body case, you can add two clauses, eliminating the need for the guard […]

Break a comprehension

Feedback Question: Is it possible to halt the process of understanding? To achieve my goal, I intend to use code similar to Python’s. This code involves several steps, including for , break , and else . As an example, let’s say that I’m iterating through a series of integers and creating a new list from […]

Utilizing Mix Releases and libcluster for Elixir Distribution

Let’s start a new node in a different terminal window setting the name: Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode Now that we have both nodes up and running, let’s create the cluster by manually connecting the nodes using Elixir’s Node.connect/1: Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode To confirm that everything went fine, let’s run Node.list/0 […]

Decimal Mark Formatting for Numbers

Feedback Question: Can you provide guidance on how to format a number that is represented by the following code: 95263.51 ? The value should have a comma as a decimal mark. The following MSDT code should reflect this: 95.263,51 . The MSDT code, commonly represented with a decimal point, is denoted by 95,263.51 . Solution: […]

Multiple instances of confirmation popups for Phoenix link

Discover how to manage pop-ups in Edge with two straightforward methods. Firstly, if you want to stop annoying website notification pop-ups, follow the instructions on our related article. Alternatively, if you would like to enable pop-ups for specific sites, simply go to “Settings” on Edge and select your preferred option. Once you’re done, you’ll be […]