Flutter app: Incorporating Constant Appearance and Metrics Storage

Generating resource constants involves adding constants to the relevant resource files, which is a simple process. Additionally, you can import custom widgets into any views and use them accordingly. The advantages of this approach include the convenience of making changes to custom widgets or resource constants in a single location, which will automatically be reflected […]

Adding a Local Package to Your Flutter Project’s pubspec.yaml

There are two types of packages – user-defined ones, which are created as separate modules within your code and used in other modules; and library packages, which must be downloaded from the internet and imported. Flutter packages are open-source libraries that are free for anyone to use. Solution 1: Locate the pubspec.yaml file within your […]

Widget containing a Flutter loop

To edit my current widget with server results, I have a list of objects containing id points of widgets with KeyValues. I need to find the matching keys on my screen/page and update the widget properties accordingly. This process should be done before the build function is called, so I created a function that takes […]

Removing Items Made Easy: A Guide to Using Removewhere with Darts

Feedback Question: I intend to apply removeWhere to the temporary second variable while preserving the original variable’s integrity. void main() { Map testMap = { ‘first’: {‘value’: 1}, ‘second’: {‘value’: 2}, ‘third’: {‘value’: 3}, }; print(testMap); Map tempMap = testMap; tempMap.removeWhere((k,v) => v[‘value’] > 1); print(testMap); print(tempMap); } The output for print will be: {first: […]

New route unable to access InheritedWidget

It is recommended to mention references to inherited widgets within widget build() methods. Alternatively, you can place the initialization based on inherited widgets in the didChangeDependencies method, which is called after initState and whenever the dependencies change thereafter. Question: As a newcomer to Flutter, I’m grappling with the way routes interact with InheritedWidget . My […]

Displaying Network Images in Flutter: A Guide

This section discusses displaying images in Flutter, which supports various formats, including JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, animated WebP/GIF, BMP, and WBMP. One of the ways to load images over the network is by using the network image provider in Flutter. However, some users may encounter issues where the images are not showing. flutter loading images […]

Arranging a List of Lists in Dart based on List Length

Feedback Question: I need a function that can sort a list of lists based on the length of each inner list, regardless of the data type. I believed that I could accomplish this by utilizing the function mentioned below, however, I am encountering type errors. The function X is not a subtype of Y is […]