Obtaining HTML Attribute Value using Cypress – A Guide

As an exercise i’m trying to do the same with Cypress, to print class attribute value from the following HTML element: This is my code: Output: I tried to use Lakitna cypress-commands (https://github.com/Lakitna/cypress-commands) with the code: Output: so i want to do something like this after getting that value: and by using text value, it […]

Simulating a basic key press in Cypress: A Guide

Spy++ proves to be an invaluable resource when it comes to interacting with external windows. As of now, I am focused on the automation of webpage testing through the use of Cypress. Question: Currently involved in Cypress for automating webpage tests and encountered an issue. My objective is to replicate the action of a user […]

An Example of Running Specific Test Command Line Code in Cypress

When running a Cypress test case from the command line, it will automatically run in headless mode and the Electron browser. The initial screen that appears will display various details such as the test steps, test case name, test suite, URL, test duration, and browser dimensions. Solution 1: Utilize the Cypress.env(‘apiEndpoint’) directly in your assertions […]

Scripts for opening environment tests in Cypress using JavaScript

To solve the issue of running both “npm run start:test” command and cypress simultaneously, we can use runtime. We can run tests against any environment of our choice by running commands like “NODE_ENV=test nodemon index.js” or “PORT=3000 react-scripts start” from a Github Actions workflow file or command line. These commands will call scripts defined in […]

Route alias not matching in Cypress: What could be the reason?

An issue that has been open for more than three years includes a valuable link to a solution that works exceptionally well. As an alternative, axios can be used for HTTP requests, which sends real XHR requests instead of fetch requests. This eliminates the need for Cypress configuration. It’s worth noting that Cypress network stubbing/mocking […]

Storing Element Text into a Variable Using Cypress

Encountering an issue where text cannot be extracted from an HTML element, I propose a solution. The root cause seems to be the iteration of a list of located elements. The function only accesses one element at a time, despite the inner code treating it as an array of elements. Question: My objective is to […]

Testing Video File Uploads with Cypress: A Guide

The Picture.png file that we want to upload should be added to the fixtures folder. Before performing the file upload task in Cypress, a plugin must be installed using the command below. Your computer will display the following screen once the installation is complete. To the command.js file, add the statement import ‘cypress-file-upload’ after the […]