Malfunction of Custom Post Type archive-{post-type}.php

To display custom post types in the archive.php page for category and tag, I utilize the codes found in my function.php file. Additionally, my permalink is structured as /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/, and I have a custom post type referred to as “post-type”. Question: I have configured my permalink as custom structure , which is: /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/. I possess […]

Get the first post term

However, the function returns an array of taxonomy term objects. This allows you to obtain the first term in the array. Furthermore, you have the option to sort the terms before retrieving the first one. For example, you can sort the terms by term_id, slug, name, menu order, and other criteria. Question: What is the […]

Adjusting WordPress Post Display Parameters

Would it be necessary to generate a personalized post type that encompasses both posts and pages? While duplicating and inserting the function, then substituting the $post_type with “post” and “page” might be feasible, it wouldn’t be the most effective approach. Question: Are there no WordPress functions that accept both post and page parameters? Or would […]

Template for Custom Taxonomy in WordPress

Inquire: I possess a custom Post Type named “Products” that features a taxonomy called ‘Product Categories’. This particular taxonomy has various categories such as Category 1, Category 2, etc., and each category has its own subcategories including Category 1a, Category 2a, etc. Is it possible to generate a list of products linked to Category 2a […]

Status update for personalized post types

If you’re anticipating its appearance in the admin drop-down, you should know that it’s an ongoing problem as stated in this link: One solution is to register a post status “aggregated” for custom post type “recipes”. This involves adding the custom post status in the dropdown and modifying the “Save Draft” button label if […]

Connecting External Links to Featured Images

Feedback Question: After creating a custom post type named “Collections,” I used featured image to populate every post. However, I now require to link each featured image to its respective external link. To achieve this, I added a meta box to the media uploader using the following code snippet in functions.php . function be_attachment_field_credit( $form_fields, […]