Storing Parameters for CURL GET Requests in a File

Is it possible to utilize curl or a similar command to load requests from a file and execute them (either GET or POST)? For GET requests, the request parameters must be included in the URL. Question: Is it possible to utilize a file to store parameters rather than resorting to other methods? curl -X GET […]

An Example Code for Changing SSH Port in Fail2ban

I encountered an issue with installing Fail2Ban on CentOS and blocking it in my HAProxy logs. I have completed the following steps, but please correct me if I made any mistakes: First, I entered the command and file. Then, I entered another command and pasted the output below. For a solution, one option is to […]

Decoding the Contents of Curl Command

To expand the view, click on the fullscreen mode option, and to exit, select the option to exit fullscreen mode. If you want to make a post request with parameters, you can use the flag. For instance, I will convert this curl command example into Ruby code utilizing an http client. Question: curl –user […]

Safely controlling an Axis camera using curl

For a potential solution, consider using sockets to send the request instead of using requests with customized multipart form data. This can be done in Python3 using the files={} argument. If you do decide to use requests, note that it may not be the best option. Additionally, the request headers are provided. Regarding the “Expected […]

Errors in Referencing curl_global_init, curl_easy_init, and Other Functions (C)

I am currently utilizing cUrl 7.46.0, which has been built with the options “–disable–static” and “–without–ssl”. Additionally, I am using the Code::Blocks IDE and mingw compiler for C++. I have encountered errors during compilation, and the following is the compilation command: If the define CURL_STATICLIB is used, the errors occur. There are a couple of […]

Searching for Nexus Repo Tag Using Curl: A Guide

A list would be generated for me containing various versions of a product, such as product-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT, product-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT, and product-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT. To clarify, I require a list of artifact versions within a group, but I can also retrieve versions from the names of the artifacts. There is no need to manually analyze directory or file names. Question: […]

Implementing a personalized strategy in bamboo using cURL directive

Instead of using command line tools within Perl, you can use a library equivalent as Solution 3. To access content, use the get method which returns an HTTP::Response. Check out for more information. Alternatively, Solution 2 suggests enclosing any shell command in quotes to call it from Perl. Question: To initiate a personalized plan, […]

Understanding the Functionality of the Curl Command

Two solutions are provided to address the issue. The first solution involves some code, which has been omitted for brevity. The second solution involves consulting the man page for curl, where the user will find information on how to handle errors when using the “if” statement. The user is confused about the description given for […]