Eliminating HTML Tags from a String Using C#

This article covers the process of removing HTML tags from a string of text, even if the specific tags are unknown. The resulting string will be free of any HTML formatting. Within our process, there is a requirement to analyze a specific string. This string is obtained through various responses, such as an Httpresponse, that […]

Create Excel File in C#

However, in older versions of visual studio, there were project types that had a strong connection to Excel files. In order to create an Excel file, it is necessary to include it as a reference. How read excel file and save into database, string s = null; var d = new DirectoryInfo(@”C:Test”); var files = […]

C# Goto Statement

Can you assist me with this? Your help is appreciated. There are multiple solutions to this problem. For the first solution, try to avoid using goto statements and use “and” statements instead. However, if you still need to use goto, refer to the second solution. The third solution recommends rewriting the code to eliminate the […]

Fundamentals of Azure Service Bus Structure

Topology is responsible for managing communication between endpoints through the setup and customization of Azure Service Bus entities. There are various types of topologies, and the creation of Azure Service Bus Topology must be done manually. Azure Service Bus is a messaging platform that includes various messaging entities. Discover the concept of Topology within the […]

Implementing a Property within an Interface: Tips and Techniques

C# interfaces offer various properties and access modifiers to declare their availability. However, using the GETTER can result in an error caused by a recursive loop. To implement any property in an interface, follow the general syntax. It’s preferable to extend and modify properties in abstract classes since multiple classes can inherit and use interfaces. […]

Changing String to Data Type in C#

Feedback The method called ChangeType() generates an object that corresponds to the given type and holds the same value as the provided object. Let’s say we have a double type. double val = -3.456 Employ the ChangeType function to transform the data type to an integer. num = (int)Convert.ChangeType(val, TypeCode.Int32); Let us see the complete […]

Using Multiple Case Switches in C#

In C#, the use of ranged case labels is a better approach than having a large number of case labels. This allows for specifying a range of values within a single case label. To create multiple case switch statements with ranged cases, there are several solutions available. Solution 1 involves assigning values to specific ranges, […]

Code example for null pointer exception in C#

There are various ways to create a null reference, such as using uninitialized reference type variables which are later assigned a value. According to Uncle Bob in his book, it is recommended to avoid returning or passing null values in functions. NullPointerException — it surprises me the same as it surprises you Conducting research on […]

Converting an Integer to Binary in C#

A C# program can be utilized to transform any decimal number (base-10 (0 to 9)) into a binary number (base-2 (0 or 1)). The standard approach entails dividing the number by a specified value repeatedly, and noting the remainder at each step until the number is less than the given value, in order to convert […]

Sorting through C# collections: Exploring the differences between IEnumerable, IQueryable, ICollection, and IList

Typically, they transfer unchangeable collections among distinct classes. This implies that the interface only reveals immutable collections, whereas mutable collections are utilized internally (which is certainly available). If the class is considered stateful, they reveal appropriate methods to allow outsiders to modify the collection. This is viewed as the fundamental collection type and is utilized […]