Cryptography Tutorial

RSA decrypts messages using prime factors as keys. During his contemplation of prime numbers, RSA discovered several postulates, including Modular Arithmetic. In this guide, you will learn about the fundamentals of Cryptography and how programmers and network experts can utilize cryptography to safeguard computer data. The tutorial begins by discussing the history of cryptography and […]

Encrypting Messages using Caesar Cipher

The security of data through encryption algorithms depends on the attackers’ lack of knowledge about the encryption method and key. A code sample for SHA-256 is provided above. In conclusion, cryptography is a crucial tool for data security and encryption. A type of monoalphabetic substitution is the keyword cipher, which utilizes a keyword to decide […]

Generating custom private keys using cryptography in Node.js

Feedback Question: Referencing the documentation on Node.js’ official website, specifically the section regarding the ECDH class within the crypto module. const alice_key = alice.generateKeys(); The tool will produce a private key at random and its corresponding public key. I prefer to have my personal key, which is e8f32e723decf… If I use : alice.setPrivateKey(“e8f32e723decf”); The object […]

Exception of Token Length in Hashcat

Feedback Solution 1: To enhance efficiency, I employed a couple of rules, and you can consider using several others if you’re interested. hashcat64.exe hashcat -m0 -a0 crackme.txt password.txt -r rules/best64.rule or hashcat64.exe hashcat -m0 -a0 crackme.txt password.txt -r rules/d3ad0ne.rule Solution 2: To avoid encountering errors such as “token length exception” or “No hashes loaded”, it […]

Importing Hash Function in Python 3: A Guide

A type of hash function known as a cryptographic hash function possesses unique characteristics that make it suitable for use in cryptography. This numerical algorithm converts information of any size into a fixed-size string of characters (a hash function), and it is designed to be a one-way output function, meaning it is impossible to reverse. […]

RSA Public Key: Understanding Its Structure

Upon receiving items from Amazon, I generated keys in Linux, including both public and private keys. However, when using Putty, I am unsure which type of key is required. To resolve this confusion, it is important to note that the contents of key.pem can vary and may include a certificate with a public key, an […]

JavaScript implementation of modular inverse calculation

Recommended articles related to various PHP and JavaScript functions and configurations. Topics include creating menus with navbar-inverse in Bootstrap, checking even numbers without using modulo operator, importing config.php file in PHP scripts, LAMP installation and important PHP configurations on Ubuntu, generating Json files in PHP, and more. Also covered are functions such as imagecreatetruecolor(), DsSequence […]