Restarting PHP-FPM through cron: A Step-by-Step Guide

Feedback Question: I’m attempting to utilize Cron to periodically restart PHP5-FPM , but my efforts have been unsuccessful so far. The system restarts without any issues when either of the following codes are used: service php5-fpm restart /usr/sbin/service php5-fpm restart Despite including the full path to /usr/sbin/service , executing the same command yields no outcome. […]

Bad minute in crontab?

If you intend to reset cron variables to empty values, it’s important to note that errors may arise due to incorrect formatting. Specifically, leaving an empty line after the variable declaration or including commands without specifying the time can cause issues. To avoid these errors, ensure that you follow the proper format when making changes. […]

Server Code Example: Adding a Cron Job in C

To set up scheduled tasks on your server, first locate the appropriate section or option. Then, input your desired settings, including the frequency and parameters for the task. If your hosting provider does not offer cron jobs, you can still create them using a tutorial such as this one: Regardless of whether your cron […]

Configuring a Cronjob for Reindexing Magento 2 in Docker

You have the option to monitor the status at any given time through two solutions. The first solution involves opening the configured cron jobs on Ubuntu using a command, assuming that PHP is located in a certain directory and Magento 2 is installed in a specific directory. The second solution requires creating a controller for […]

Run a job every three hours using Node-cron

Feedback Solution: To achieve this, set the second and minute values to 0, then apply a step of /3. This will result in the following cron expression. 0 0 */3 * * * This expression means ‘Every third hour at the 0th second and 0th minute.’ The * * */8 * * * expression is […]

Stop a Running Cron Tab and View Active List

Provide the ID of your command and execute it. For example, replace “replace” with the process ID. One possible solution is to use “pstree” to deal with hung cron jobs. To stop a running job, you can either use “killall” or find the PID and use “kill” (substituting the actual PID). Another method that hasn’t […]