Enabling External Links in the System Browser for Ionic Cordova Application with Content from Different Origins

In order to enable getUserMedia on Android, regardless of the framework being used, there are certain essential steps that must be taken. Firstly, ensure that your application is compatible with Android API 21 or higher. Also, you need to add the relevant permissions to your Manifest file. Lastly, this process occurs within the Android build […]

Ionic: How to Request Permissions during Run Time

Feedback Solution 1: You have the option of utilizing the cordova-diagnostic-plugin for verifying and soliciting Android runtime permissions. Check a permission: cordova.plugins.diagnostic.getPermissionAuthorizationStatus(function(status){ switch(status){ case cordova.plugins.diagnostic.runtimePermissionStatus.GRANTED: console.log(“Permission granted to use the camera”); break; case cordova.plugins.diagnostic.runtimePermissionStatus.NOT_REQUESTED: console.log(“Permission to use the camera has not been requested yet”); break; case cordova.plugins.diagnostic.runtimePermissionStatus.DENIED: console.log(“Permission denied to use the camera – ask […]

Unlinking Denied: EACCES Error due to Permission Issue

In my Ionic mobile application, I utilized cordova-plugin-file-transfer and cordova-plugin-file-chooser to upload files that can be opened with native Android apps such as pdf, word, and excel. However, I encountered an error message that says “exception”:”/storage/emulated/0/Download/pdf-test.pdf: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)”}”. Therefore, I suggest using NVM to install node and npm to avoid installing it […]

Manipulate phonegap-push-plugin in Ionic Framework

To resolve the issue of installing the phonegap-plugin-push, there are two solutions. Firstly, check if you have the latest cordova version that supports the plugin. If needed, refer to phonegap-plugin-push issues for assistance. If you encounter an error during the installation process while following the Ionic Push setup guide, seek guidance from someone to point […]