Creating and Modifying Counter Columns in Cassandra CQL

I am searching for a Java implementation to generate a counter column family and increment it. Specifically, I need to know how to handle the following counter column family: visits_counter_cf is a column family created with key_validation_class = UTF8Type, comparator = ‘CompositeType(LongType, LongType, UTF8Type)’, and default_validation_class=CounterColumnType. When using Hector to delete a row from this […]

Passing a Variable Value to .Files.Glob in a Helm Chart: A Guide

Feedback Question: It’s necessary to call the .Files.Glob function using a variable that comes from .Values.initDBFilesGlob . Although the value is being correctly assigned, the if check is not returning a truthy value, despite .Values.initDBConfigMap being empty. What is the method to provide a variable argument to .Files.Glob ? The template under consideration is templates/initdb-configmap.yaml […]

Steps for removing a record in Cassandra

Important considerations regarding deleted data include the fact that Cassandra does not promptly eliminate data flagged for deletion from the disk. In contrast, a relational database may spend time searching for expired data and discarding it, or an administrator may need to partition expired data by month, for instance, in order to expedite its removal. […]

Failure to Install or Start Cassandra on Windows 10

Our guide provides detailed instructions on creating, dropping, altering, and truncating Cassandra tables. Additionally, to start Cassandra from the Windows CMD, you’ll need to navigate to the Cassandra bin folder. Introduction Apache Cassandra is a widely-used NoSQL database that employs a storage model based on columns to store vast quantities of unstructured data. Cassandra is […]

Data types specified by users in Cassandra

To use UserDefinedType feature with Spring Data Cassandra, follow these steps. Firstly, use the latest jar of Spring data Cassandra (1.5.0.RELEASE) by adding the dependency to your project. Secondly, make sure to use the following versions of the jar: datastax.cassandra.driver.version=3.1.3 spring.cql.version=1.5.0.RELEASE. Next, create a user-defined type in Cassandra with the same name as […]

Refusal of Cassandra Connection

When attempting to run Cassandra, I keep encountering an error message during the connection process. Is there a particular configuration or property file that requires modification? The error message consistently states “Unable to connect to any servers”, with an associated error code of 61 for the attempted connection to IP at port 9042. One […]

Determining the Appropriate Usage of Materialized Views

I am unsure whether I should continue creating query specific tables, as I did in Cassandra, or switch to using materialized views. In Cassandra, materialized views are implemented as actual tables, but there is no guarantee of when changes in the source data reflect in the views. Question: Currently, I am in the process of […]

DevCenter by Datastax encounters startup error

In case DataStax DevCenter is not running after installation, you can verify the previous version 1.5. A query timeout occurs when you exceed the limit by executing “select count(*) from my_table limit 1000000000000”. Question: Despite functioning properly a few days ago, DevCenter 1.5.0 is currently unable to commence. I have attempted the solution provided in […]