Clearing Vite Cache in Vue3: A Tutorial

Introducing my new Vue project plugin, which automates the setup process that I used to repeat every time I started a new project. This includes installing base dependencies, deleting pre-built Vue components and views, and configuring the necessary files such as the router and store. The plugin also offers support for base components that are […]

Programmatically Clearing Cache in Prestashop 1.6

One possible solution is to clear the cache file. This file is created when the site is cached and can be manually removed or cleared through the backend by going to Advance Parameters and clicking the “clear cache” button on the top bar. Since no other solution has been found, a cron function has been […]

Clearing Cache for a Specific Website

Settings → Site settings → tap All sites → choose your site → clear and reset From Chrome help Cached images and files: Chrome remembers parts of pages to help them open faster during your next visit. Text and images from pages you’ve visited in Chrome are removed. Solution 1: To clear the cache, employ […]

Comprehending Postgres Cache Mechanisms

Although the query cache was once recommended for MySQL installations, it is now suggested to turn it off in order to allocate more memory for page caches. Regarding PostgreSQL, it utilizes an LRU/clock sweep algorithm for removing cached data, but there may be confusion about its implementation in shared_buffers. Question: Greetings, Whenever I have to […]

Setting the Max Age of Cache Control in HTML Headers

In case the images lack caching headers, a personalized http handler is required to intercept their request and apply the correct caching headers. Additionally, on a page-by-page basis, you can specify which pages you don’t want cached. It’s worth noting that the utilization of tags to imitate HTTP headers is a distinct matter. Solution: According […]

Code Sample: How to Refresh DNS Cache for a Domain in Shell

The following parameters are available for the cache entry name: -Position: named -Default value: none -Accept pipeline input: false -SwitchParameter: specifies the cache entry name. Its type is a switch parameter with a named position and a default value of none. It does not accept wildcard characters. Solution 1: To my knowledge, a compelled update […]