Boot menu fails to display Ubuntu post-initial setup

To resolve the issue of Ubuntu 18.04 not recognizing the Windows EFI, Solution 4 involves live booting Ubuntu and selecting the “try Ubuntu” option from the GRUB menu. Subsequently, the user needs to install boot repair by executing specific commands. It is worth noting that Ubuntu fails to detect the SDD where the Windows EFI […]

Delay in Ubuntu boot process after a routine dist-upgrade on fresh SSD install (version 18.04)

To fix the problem, I executed the command below, which installs the required package. According to the Arch wiki, rng-tools comprises a collection of kernel-related utilities for generating random numbers. Question: Since its official release, I have been using 18.04 on a fresh SSD installation without any problems. The time taken for the computer to […]

Common Issues When Root Device Doesn’t Load – Abandoned Waiting

It is common to encounter problems with disk devices like sda and hda due to their inconsistent numbering upon booting. Additionally, complex partitions may require a distinct root setup. Initially, the file resembled the original format, but a line was removed and replaced with a description of the /dev/sda1 disk device. Solution 1: I encountered […]

Alternative to GRUB as a UEFI Bootloader

The built-in boot menus of GRUB 2, GRUB Legacy, and ELILO are distinct, but ELILO’s menu can only choose between Linux kernels and not other OSes. To resolve this, you can consider the following bootloader options: GRUB 2, Fedora’s patched GRUB Legacy, and ELILO. I have composed a series of web pages addressing this topic […]

Installing Ubuntu Without the Need for a USB Drive

In addition to the various available options, this post provides a detailed guide on installing Ubuntu operating system without the need for a USB or CD drive. One important consideration is to select the “install the Ubuntu operating system alongside the primary operating system” option during the installation process. From more than 600 Linux-based operating […]