Detecting Overflow in Two’s Complement: An Overview

When performing addition in two’s complement, the loss of two negative number units occurs during carry-out due to insufficient space, whereas two positive number units are lost during carry-in because they are mistakenly considered negative. If the carry-in and carry-out into the sign bit differ, it indicates an overflow has taken place. Question: Upon using […]

Working effectively with a hex editor

Feedback Solution 1: The programming languages that we commonly use are considered high-level since they undergo multiple translations in order for machines to comprehend them. In reality, CPUs only execute basic instructions that are written in binary code, such as addition, logic operations, loading numbers from memory addresses into registers, and other basic manipulations of […]

Converting an Integer to Binary Using a C Function

The loop’s termination condition can be when the value of “n” becomes 0. It’s important to note that this is not a definitive solution for obtaining a binary value since values greater than 2 are the only ones that have consecutive bits exceeding two. Solution: The binary representation of 1234 ( 10011010010 ) cannot be […]

Code example cannot be executed as a binary file

The program provided is exclusively for Linux and incompatible with Windows. Consider upgrading to a 64-bit Linux system by downloading Ubuntu Desktop. An alternative method to execute 64-bit code on a 32-bit Linux system is to use a genuine CPU emulator such as qemu/bochs or Bochs from OSDev Wiki, with a 64-bit Linux image or […]

Conversion of Binary to Decimal Using 32-Bit System

Feedback Question: For example: The following numbers represent the powers of two: 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1. Decimal value: 192 168 168 20 Will convert to – The value can be expressed in binary as 11000000 10101000 10101000 000101000. Question: Given the 32-bit binary number 110000001010100010101000000101000, how can we convert it […]

Complete roster of 8-digit binary combinations totaling 256

In EDIT 2, some issues were identified in the output. One possible solution could be to use Clang’s extended integers for operations other than division. However, using SIMD may not be effective due to the carry between elements. To support this claim, benchmarking was done against gmplib functions and it was found that there was […]

Converting Binary to Decimal and Octal: A Guide

Upon my research, I have discovered a straightforward technique to transform a finite binary numeral to decimal. The method involves grouping the binary digits into sets of three, beginning from right to left. To the leftmost set, append additional zeros before converting each group separately. The outcome after N steps is represented by “res,” where […]