Flutter Code Example: How to Vertically Center an Icon within a Container

To position text in the middle of a container in Flutter, there are several solutions. One way is to use the “alignment” property with a value of “Alignment.center” for the container that has “InputDecoration.collapsed” and “.copyWith(isDense: true)”. Another solution is to set the positioning using a screenshot. Additionally, you can align a column to the […]

Creating Android Home Screen Shortcuts: A Guide

While it’s possible to use the aforementioned logic and hope that it functions for some of your users, it’s important to consider that many default launchers don’t have app drawers anymore. Consequently, adding a shortcut may result in duplicate icons for your users. If you intend to support all Android versions, particularly Android 8.0 (Oreo) […]

Missing Gradle Icon in Android Studio for Project Synchronization

There are several solutions to get different icons while using different flavors with multiple dimensions in Android development. One option is to follow InsanityOnABun’s answer and modify the AndroidManifest.xml and build.gradle files. The Github URL “Build multi-version App with Gradle” provides more information on this approach. Another solution involves specifying the icon in the product […]

Rendering Another Camera View by Utilizing the Depth Buffer of Unity3d’s Main Camera

To enhance the photo quality for ordinary users, various Android device manufacturers offer dual cameras. However, these cameras are often tailored for specific conditions, such as challenging lighting or selfie distortions. Each vendor employs their own exclusive methods to handle dual cameras, and they are unwilling to reveal the technical specifics. Solution: Various Android device […]

Eliminating all hyperlinks from Google Docs

To avoid wasting time on making Docs accept what you type due to automatic spelling correction or misspelled word check, consider creating a Gmail Draft within Google Docs. First, sign in to Google Docs and open your document. In a document, not all the words may be listed in the dictionary. Some words, such as […]

Converting string to double in Kotlin

Feedback Solution 1: Assuming the number is consistently located at the beginning, employ split() with a space delimiter. Then, retrieve the first item from the resulting list and parse it using Double . val value = st!!.split(” “)[0].toDoubleOrNull() In case there are any spaces at the beginning or in the middle, utilize this. val value […]

Checking for Outdated Android Versions: A Guide

Feedback Question: In my app, I am currently utilizing a camera; however, Eclipse displays a message stating that “The type Camera is deprecated.” Can you inform me of the API version in which the camera was deprecated? Solution 1: Search on the Android Docs: The Android Developer website offers a reference guide for the Camera […]

Android encounters Network Error when uploading images using Axios in React Native

To make changes to your project, go to MainApplication.java in android/app/src/main/java/com/{yourProject}/ and comment out a specific line. In ReactNativeFlipper.java in android/app/src/debug/java/com/{yourProject}/, on line 43, comment in code for image upload. There are three possible solutions to the problem. The first solution involves changing a certain attribute. The second solution can be found by following a […]