Understanding Function Pointers in C# Programming Language

Managed delegates offer a viable alternative to function pointers when working with unmanaged functions through the use of .NET Framework P/Invoke capabilities. Alternatively, refer to articles such as “Using C++ Interop (Implicit P/Invoke)” and “How to: Marshal callbacks and delegates by using C++ Interop.” With managed delegates, unmanaged APIs that require function pointers as arguments […]

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Positioning a div accurately on an image using object-fit

Feedback Question: I’m looking to overlay a div onto an image, specifically a cupcake that is represented by . As an illustration, my intention is to position the div above the crimson cherry, in this manner . As the dimensions of my image are flexible and I have applied object-fit: cover; to my CSS, the […]

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Entity Framework Core: A Code Example for Transactions

To the best of my knowledge, Oracle is currently developing its driver to enable support for promotable transactions. However, I am unsure of its current status. It is worth noting that the MS Oracle driver does not currently support this feature. If you’re using a driver that lacks promotable transaction support, it’s not possible for […]

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SharePoint Folder Permissions: A Guide to Setting Them Up

To address the issue, two solutions can be considered. The first solution involves reviewing two articles on permission scope limits, as this type of solution may be subject to those limits. The second solution involves checking some resources, such as those on programmatically setting permissions to a folder in a SharePoint list and making a […]

Laravel 5’s Approach to RESTful API Response

The function can provide either a successful or failed response and is compatible with Laravel versions 7 and 8. It can handle validation and 500 responses. The response can be managed through Fractal, which is well-documented at http://fractal.thephpleague.com/. Additionally, Phil Sturgeon’s book, “Build APIs You Won’t Hate,” offers valuable insights. The goal is to maintain […]

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Accessing List Elements in Dart: A Guide

To calculate total numOfSales from a data array, you can utilize the fold method. If you want to filter data from an array and retrieve a single value, you can apply a function to each element of the sub lists if you have a list of lists. Question: I have list of constructors .eg, final […]

Session Timeout Leads to Azure AD B2C Logout

The concern is that for any web application that has authentication, it must automatically sign-out once it crosses the session lifetime even if the user does not click on the Sign-out button. Azure AD B2C handles three types of SSO sessions, namely those managed by Azure AD B2C, IP, and the application (Web or SPA). […]

Undefined value received instead of expected string or class/function for built-in/composite components

The index.js file, which contains the error, is provided below, along with the App.js and configureStore.js code. The error message states that “is not part of the API of https://github.com/reactjs/react-router-redux#api”. Based on the available information, it appears that the error is caused by a conditional return statement in a component that lacks a default return […]

Code Example Demonstrating Video Downsizing using Ffmpeg

Feedback Question: Despite extensively searching for similar questions, I have not come across any solutions that function in the manner I am about to describe. I possess several videos with different samples, displays, framerates, and timebases. My goal is to combine them into a single continuous video, resembling a playlist, which requires re-encoding. I aim […]