Proper Utilization and Customization of Packages in Flutter: A Guide

A potential workaround is to utilize dependency_overrides. However, it is important to note that this approach may disrupt package1/2/3 since it enforces the usage of a specific version of the common package, disregarding their respective constraints.
I am currently attempting to incorporate this package into my flutter project in Visual Code. Prior to importing a package, it is necessary to add it to the pubspec.yaml file. For more information, please consult the following resource:
Solution 2:
If you are searching for the photo: ^0.4.5 package, you can find it here.


[Disclaimer: I’m not an experienced developer, and terms like “pull request” are unfamiliar to me, so I would greatly appreciate a detailed explanation, such as clicking on
android studio
and typing specific commands in the console.]

After a couple of weeks of feeling frustrated, I successfully developed my initial basic application that precisely matches my original vision in terms of appearance and functionality. To achieve this, I relied on an external package from

Due to the fact that the initial functionality did not meet my expectations completely, I had to make some minor modifications. However, since I did not have the ability to directly modify
imported package
, I had to create a new file called
created .dart
and make the necessary changes there by copying the entire code.

While I acknowledge that this may not be the most refined approach, I couldn’t find an alternative method (despite encountering discussions about the problem on Stack Overflow, the technical terminology used and the instructions provided were difficult for me to comprehend). My only achievement was to create a duplicate of the package on my personal Git repository, yet I am uncertain about incorporating it into my code in order to make the necessary modifications.

I would greatly appreciate step-by-step instructions on how to utilize and customize external packages, including specific actions to take (such as clicking on a certain area and entering specific information).


To add your github project as a package to


, follow these steps:

    sdk: flutter
      url: git://

In addition, you have the option to download any desired package or create a local plugin of your choice and paste it into the designated folder (


) within your project.

Here is an image link showing a custom plugin folder in Flutter:

Include the following code,


, in this manner:

    sdk: flutter
    path: plugin/

I hope it’s useful for you.

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