Installing VMware Player bundle in Darwin Linux’s bash

While installing VMware, you cannot do it entirely through Ubuntu Software Centre. Instead, you receive a .bundle file, which you must run first to install the program. After installation, you may encounter an error where the kernel is missing, similar to previous versions.
Another solution is that you may face difficulties running an ELF binary file on NixOS since the interpreter is not found (although it is present in the NixOS store).


What is the process to bundle
install VMware
on Darwin Linux using Bash?

bash-4.4$ sudo ./VMware-Player-15.5.2-15785246.x86_64.bundle
stat: illegal option -- -
usage: stat [-FlLnqrsx] [-f format] [-t timefmt] [file ...]
Darwin 18.6.0 x86_64
-rwxr-xr-x@ 1  VMware-Player-15.5.2-15785246.x86_64.bundle


Try this :

$ sudo -s
# ./VMware-Player-15.5.2-15785246.x86_64.bundle

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