Enhancing Docker Build Performance with Increased Memory Allocation



Your main.js located in apps/api/main.js is executed, while your WORKDIR is defined as /mfa.

When copying, it is not necessary to write “/mfa/”. Instead, you can simply use a dot (.) since you are in the WORKDIR.

FROM node:14
# Go on /mfa if is dosen't exist WORKDIR create it and go in
# Copy of package.json where we are so we are with the dot so in /mfa/ it's the same for all copy
COPY package.json .
COPY decorate-angular-cli.js .
COPY yarn.lock .
# Configure NPM with the group access token
RUN npm config set @my-web:registry http://git.hoosiers.com/api/v4/packages/npm
RUN npm config set //git.hoosiers.com/api/v4/packages/npm/:_authToken=${GROUP_NPM_TOKEN}
RUN npm config set //git.hoosiers.com/api/v4/packages/projects/:_authToken=${GROUP_NPM_TOKEN}
RUN yarn add typescript
RUN yarn install --frozen-lockfile
COPY ./dist .
# You have create your docker with /mfa/ so you need to excute it in /mfa/
CMD ["node", "/mfa/dist/apps/api/main.js"]

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