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To avoid wasting time on making Docs accept what you type due to automatic spelling correction or misspelled word check, consider creating a Gmail Draft within Google Docs. First, sign in to Google Docs and open your document.

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In a document, not all the words may be listed in the dictionary. Some words, such as names of individuals or products, may not be present in Webster’s Dictionary. However, Google Docs provides a personal dictionary for your convenience.

To avoid wasting time on making Docs accept what you type, you can add words to your personal dictionary if you set Google Docs to automatically correct your spelling or run the check for misspelled words. By doing so, you can continue composing your document without any automatic changes or failed spell checks.

Add Words to Your Personal Dictionary

To add words to your personal dictionary in Google Docs, you have two options. You can either utilize a shortcut for words that Docs marks as misspelled or manually add them by accessing the personal dictionary.

Any words that you include in your personal dictionary will be available for use in any future documents that you create within Google Docs.

Add a Word With a Shortcut

When using
default, Google Docs
, it marks a word with a red squiggly line if it seems to be spelled incorrectly. By selecting the marked word, a suggestion may appear. Within the small pop-up box, you can choose “Add to Dictionary” by clicking on the three dots.

Add the word to the personal dictionary using the shortcut

Another option is to select the word using the right-click function and then opt for the “Add to Dictionary” feature.

Add the word to the personal dictionary after right-clicking


By performing either of the aforementioned actions, the red squiggly underline is eliminated and the word is added to your personal dictionary, thereby ceasing to be recognized as a spelling mistake.

Word no longer underlined as a misspelling

Manually Add Words

To include a new word, you can manually enter it in the personal dictionary. Access the personal dictionary by clicking on Tools > Spelling and Grammar, then choose “Personal Dictionary” from the drop-down menu.

Tools, Spelling and Grammar, Personal Dictionary

Type the word in the designated field located at the top, choose the “Add” option, and press “OK” to store it.

Enter the word in the personal dictionary

The word you enter along with any additional ones will be displayed in the box located at the bottom.

Remove Words From the Dictionary

To access your terms or delete any, navigate to Tools > Spelling and Grammar > Personal Dictionary in the toolbar.

To remove a word, simply select it and click on the trash can icon located to its right. No confirmation will be needed before deletion. Once you are done, click on the “OK” button.

Remove a word from the personal dictionary


Please note that removing a word from your personal dictionary could result in it being flagged as a misspelling once again.

Word underlined for a misspelling

To further assist you in creating your documents, you may refer to the guide on displaying word count consistently in Google Docs.

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