Altering Hover Color of Buttons with CSS


Solution 1:

Use the CSS selector with


to accomplish the task in the specified manner.

.contactform1:hover {
background-color: #b49543;

Solution 2:

Put a :hover on the button.

.contactform1 button:hover{
    background-color: #b49543;

Solution 3:

This is a preview of how the hover attribute appears, but it only works on certain button types and won’t have any impact on input buttons.

.contactform1 button[type=submit]:hover {
  background-color: #b49543;

Regarding the OP’s update, it’s worth noting that CSS employs a First in First out approach for organizing data. Therefore, it’s reasonable to anticipate that this type of sequence will happen when managing CSS. To avoid any issues, consider placing the particular CSS at the end of the list.

Upon reviewing your screenshot, it appears that utilizing the button type hover is unnecessary. Simply implement the suggested alternative.

   background-color: #b49543;

When attempting to reference a button element within a DOM element, it is important to avoid calling it by both the DOM element type and the associated class. Doing so may cause confusion and result in the button being mistakenly assumed to reside within a specific container, such as .contactform1.

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