Aligning a Bootstrap div to the right using HTML

The following are the conversions from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5:
– Conversion 1
– Conversion 2
– Conversion 3
– Conversion 4
If you encounter issues with a certain element not functioning, keep in mind that Bootstrap 4 now uses flexbox and several elements have been modified, which can be the reason for the element not working properly.

Solution 1:

The pull-right class can still be found in Bootstrap 3. Check out the ‘helper classes’ available.

pull-right is defined by

.pull-right {
  float: right !important;

It’s challenging to make a conclusive statement without additional details regarding the styles and content.

When the col-md styling comes into play, which is when the page is wider than 990px, the JSBIN undoubtedly pulls towards the right. This is due to Bootstrap 3’s mobile-first approach.

Bootstrap 4

It’s worth noting that in Bootstrap 4, the class .pull-right has been substituted with .float-right. You can find more information about this change, which is based on the Bootstrap Grid, in this article:

Solution 2:

Do you mean something like this:


left content
right content


.yellow-background {
  background: blue;
.pull-right {
  background: yellow;

An instance that demonstrates the concept is available on Codepen.

Solution 3:

It seems like you are attempting to right-align the content within the div, which is already offset to the right. To achieve this, refer to the code and LIVE sample provided below. It’s worth noting that the code snippet (


) only offsets the div and not its content.


left content
right content


.someclass{ /*this class for testing purpose only*/
    border:1px solid blue;
.totheright{ /*this will align the text to the right*/

Another modification:

right content
image also align-right

hope it will clear your problem

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