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The system requirements for Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 state that it only supports Windows Vista and certain versions of Windows 7. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Windows 8.


On Windows 8 Release Preview, I am encountering an issue where the Center is not being installed despite my attempts to
install Windows
Mobile Device
. Instead of installing, the windows disappear as the system attempts to download the latest files. I have tried to resolve this issue multiple times, even attempting to use the compatibility option.
I am also seeking advice on a syncing tool that will allow me to sync my Windows phone 6.X with my PC. Can anyone offer suggestions?



Regards Vinay

Solution 1:

I use Windows 8 64bit.

Encountering error codes 2503 and 2502 repeatedly while trying to install the
Windows Mobile

After accessing, I proceeded to download drvupdate-amd64.exe.

That solved my problem.

Solution 2:


Mobile device
Center isn’t compatible with the Windows 8 operating system.

Requirements for the system

Here are the operating systems that are compatible with
Windows Vista

The current version 6.1 is exclusively accessible for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista.

The following Operating Systems are included in the list:
– Windows 7 Ultimate
– Windows 7 Enterprise
– Windows 7 Professional
– Windows 7 Home Premium
– Windows Vista Ultimate
– Windows Vista Enterprise
– Windows Vista Business
– Windows Vista Home Premium
– Windows Vista Home Basic
– Windows Vista Server

A reference link is available for further information.

Title: Windows Mobile Device Center Overview



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