What to say when someone greets you with Pleasure to meet you, but you don’t share the sentiment?

Instead of saying “to have met you”, which should only be used in specific scenarios such as thanking a host, I suggest using the more standard phrase “It was a pleasure speaking with you”. However, it’s worth noting that this statement is typically reserved for business phone calls and may come across as somewhat formal.


While I didn’t exactly hate meeting him, it wasn’t a particularly delightful experience either. My lack of enchantment during initial interactions with people is the reason, rather than any issues I have with him personally.

I’d rather not be dishonest by agreeing with “Same here.

What to say when someone greets you with “Pleasure to meet you,” but you don’t share the same sentiment?

Solution 1:

In social situations, people often use a common phrase without necessarily meaning it literally. It is not mandatory to speak the truth, and deviating from the norm might come across as rude.

To ease your mind, you can convince yourself that the phrase doesn’t have a literal meaning, just like other idioms. In that context, it’s no different from saying “it’s raining cats and dogs,” which is not a false statement either.

Solution 2:

In case you want to take an Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers approach, you could reply with “Likewise, I’m sure.” It’s possible that he might not be truthful about enjoying it.

If you’re hesitant about taking risks, simply greet the person with a smile and say “Hi!”. Afterward, you may proceed to inquire about their affiliation with a company, or any other relevant topic.

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