Uploading .css file following the saving of .scss file

Is there a way to automatically upload the .css file from the temporary folder upon saving, since it is generated with a random number?


I utilize
Visual Studio Code
along with WinSCP, that automatically opens .s
css file
files in VSC. The Live Sass Compiler extension allows me to convert them into .css files. However, the issue is that the resultant .css file is saved with a random number in
temporary folder
, requiring me to manually upload it by dragging it from the folder to
FTP client

Could you kindly assist me in finding a way to save and upload the
file automatically
.css file from the temporary folder? Any solution would be greatly appreciated.


  • Save the documents onto a device labeled as
    local folder
  • Set up WinSCP to continuously monitor the folder and upload any modifications, including the addition of new files, automatically.
  • Make changes to the files on your local system and let WinSCP perform the upload, which includes the generated files.

Regarding your specific inquiry, there exists a feature request for WinSCP.

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