Transferring azure subscription to a different tenant

For assistance in transferring Azure subscriptions to and from CSP partners, refer to the Transfer Azure subscriptions between subscribers and CSPs document, which provides comprehensive information. Additionally, you can follow these steps to proceed:
1. Transfer Azure subscriptions
2. Transfer Azure subscriptions under an Azure plan
3. Access the CSP Subscription Transfer form for download
4. Gain knowledge about multi-partner support
5. Familiarize yourself with multi-channel support.


Our objective is to transfer
Azure subscription
resources, currently responsible for hosting the production system, to a different Azure AD tenant by utilizing the “Change Directory” functionality.

I would like to know:

  1. Will resources remain functional during the implementation of this action?
  2. If I understand correctly, will the users from the tenant, where the subscription is being moved from, have to be recreated since they are locally defined?
  3. According to the documentation, RBAC permissions will not be retained. Does this only impact the subscription being transferred? Specifically, will the Owner, Reader, and Contributor permissions for the subscription be affected?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  1. If all your resources are supportive of being relocated, then they should definitely continue to function.
  2. The users in your
    existing tenant
    will not be present in your new tenant, so you will have to create them again.
  3. The RBAC roles on the subscription being moved must be recreated, but this will not impact any other subscriptions that are not being relocated.

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