Transferring a Table from One Database to Another Using SQL

To process each table, a particular step is required for inserting from the old table to the new table, and turning it on and off. Although you can group all tables for the other steps, the chosen method depends on the table size and associated objects such as indexes, triggers, and constraints.


In this article, three straightforward methods for duplicating data from one table to another are presented. To begin with, you can utilize the Import/Export Wizard in SSMS to move data from the source table to the target table. Another option is to select the “Generate Scripts” feature to produce a script for schema and data from the source and then erase the target table before executing the script on the target. Lastly, you can also employ


to transfer data between the tables.

To transfer data once, the Import/Export Wizard is the simplest choice. However, if you need to repeat the transfer, you can establish a linked server on the target SQL Server that connects to the source SQL Server, and then utilize the INSERT INTO SELECT feature.

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