The reason behind the app Recovery Partition Creator becoming an unsupported project is unknown to everyone

This is employed to rectify transaction failures that arise from power, memory, or OS issues.


Is there any information regarding why the app “Recovery Partition Creator” is no longer being maintained? I was in need of a similar tool for use on version 10.14.5, but it seems the app has not received any updates since version 10.13. Recently, I had to replace the SSD on a MacPro and had to restore it using a time machine backup. I was hoping to update the recovery partition software to the latest version, as it currently has version 10.12, if that is possible.

The link to the GitHub repository is MagerValp’s Create Recovery Partition Installer, which can be found at

Is there another option available? I don’t mean for this to be perceived as an
opinion generating
inquiry, but rather as a technical inquiry.


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Try this one:

The link provided directs to a blog post titled “Recovery Partition 4.0.4” on the website “Musings of a Silver Tooth”.

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