The Function session_save_path() in PHP

Ensure that all of these files are checked for an override of session.save_path.
I have attempted the code provided in my index.php, but it is still not functioning.
In phpinfo(), session.save_path still displays no value.
Could someone please assist me in determining what else needs to be done in order for the session variable to work on the live server?
Solution 2:
If session_save_path is not effective, you can attempt to use ini_set:
By doing this, you are overriding the configuration value of PHP solely for this application, rather than affecting it globally as giorgio’s solution does.

Definition and Usage

Session handling refers to the method of sharing data between multiple pages of a web application. The function session_save_path() is utilized to establish or retrieve the storage location for the current
session data


session_save_path([$path ] );


Sr.No Parameter & Description

path (Optional)

The session data storage location is represented by a string value.

Return Values

The returned value of this function is a string that represents the directory path where the session data for the current session is stored.

PHP Version

This function was initially implemented in PHP Version 4 and remains functional in subsequent versions.

Example 1

The usage of the session_save_path() function is demonstrated in the following example.

      Setting up a PHP session

When the aforementioned HTML file is executed, it will show the subsequent message.

path: /data

Example 2

This function allows for setting the
session save path
as demonstrated below.

      Setting up a PHP session

The resulting output will be as follows –

path: /data

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