Prevent Internet Access for Apps Other Than the One in Use

Upon scanning your installed apps, Permissions Denied will identify their permissions. Following a restart, reopen Permissions Denied to confirm that the permission remains denied.

Solution 1:

Similar to the actions of

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, one can acquire root access and modify the host file to restrict access to websites utilized by the applications.

Solution 2:

Perhaps, a proxy app that functions as a background service can be developed. Subsequently, the browser can be configured to utilize the proxy server by specifying localhost.

The service is required to listen to port 80 for HTTP requests made by the browser, generate an actual internet request, fetch the content, and send it back to the browser as part of its response.

By examining the URL being requested by the browser, it becomes possible to filter and reject undesirable requests.

Despite some issues, the primary concern is that users can disable the proxy without any restrictions.

Solution 3:

DroidWall allows for both blacklisting and whitelisting, which is precisely what you’re looking for. However, it’s important to note that root access is required in order to use it.


Check out this review of a free Android app that requires root access and allows you to block applications from accessing the internet. It’s available on’s mobile section.


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