Power Queries Merged for Exclusive Connection



In my workbook, there are two queries that are interdependent. While one query is configured to load data after performing merging and expanding operations, the other query is set to establish a connection only. Upon observing, I noticed that the query which is set to “Connection only” does not refresh automatically while

I’m uncertain about whether refreshing the secondary query that depends on information from only one connection refreshes both of them. I’m struggling to find clear documentation on this matter, and I would appreciate a link to any relevant information.

Additional details regarding the inquiries.

  • Both link to SQL tables.
  • The most up-to-date information from the table is retrieved by one.
  • The second one retrieves up-to-date data from an alternative table.
  • The second option combines the two tables by using the key.
  • The second source only retrieves data from the first if it lacks certain information.

My inquiry pertains to whether the first table, which is solely a connection, also undergoes a refresh whenever the second table initiates one.

Solution 1:

The initial query, which involves executing
query definition
and retrieving its output, is also updated and incorporated into the second query.

Within the Query Editor window, there exists a “Preview” dataset that pertains to your initial query. Keep in mind that refreshing your second query will not refresh the “Preview” dataset. Although this dataset serves as a design tool, it will not impact the results of your
data into an excel
table when you refresh and deliver it.

Solution 2:

Locating information on this topic was challenging for me as well. Fortunately, Ken Puls’s article on PowerPivotPro.com can assist in drawing some valid conclusions. Essentially, the queries designated as “connection only” are refreshed before the merge query, although this may not be visible (a feature that I believe should be added to Excel). I hope this explanation is helpful to you.

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