Modifying the Directory of Detected Unregistered VCS Root

To circumvent the issue, my usual approach involves duplicating or replicating the sub-projects within a lower-level directory of my project-root, such as /packages. This action triggers the display of the “unregistered VCS roots” balloon, where I can subsequently select “add roots”. Regrettably, this procedure results in a complaint from PyCharm that states: “Unregistered Git root detected: The directory /parent is under Git, but is not registered in the Settings.


Upon initiating a fresh project in
Android Studio
on Mac, the VCS prompt fails to encompass the sub-directory of said project.

As an illustration, consider the VCS
root detected
that is not registered. It suggests that the directory path should be modified from /Users/myname/AndroidStudioProjects to /Users/myname/AndroidStudioProjects/NewProject, since the latter is not
registered in the Settings
even though it is under Git.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue? To temporarily solve it, I dismiss the notification, access the VCS section, import it there, and specify the accurate directory.

Solution 1:

I just ran into the same issue.

According to reports, Jetbrain’s IDEs such as
and Android Studio search only for
descendant directories
within the
in order to identify any unregistered VCS roots.

It is quite a tedious task to manually include the VCS roots in the Settings.

As far as I know, there are no particular configurations available to adjust the indexing-level or activate the automatic scan and modify the behavior. At least, not currently. However, I do have a convenient workaround that can save you some time.



file is where the VCS roots are consistently stored.


To add sub-projects to my project-root, I first copy or clone them into a descendant directory such as /packages. This triggers the “unregistered VCS roots” balloon, where I can add the roots by clicking “add roots.” Then, I move the sub-projects to their desired destination. To find the added roots, I use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N to search for


. After locating the added roots, I perform a Find & Replace and append the missing portion of the destination directory.

To avoid repetition, I make a backup of the


file once I’ve made edits. This comes in handy when I need to have the same sub-projects in my VCS roots without having to redo everything.

It would be helpful if Jetbrains could extend the fix to encompass subdirectories that extend beyond one level of the project root.

Solution 2:

To incorporate version control, it is necessary to attach a VCS Root to your project.

Here is a link to a webpage on JetBrains’ website which provides instructions on how to configure CVS roots using PhpStorm 2016.3:

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