Looking for a music player similar to Foobar2000?

By using the File browser plugin, and additionally, the Infobar plugin, you can easily install them. Alternatively, you can download the plugins as .deb files and install them on either the i686 or amd64 architecture. In order to properly install the plugins, they must be placed in a designated folder. Moreover, it is worth noting that while thread A executes the foo() function, thread B performs the bar() function.


I have been contemplating a complete transition to Ubuntu, but I have yet to discover suitable alternatives for certain programs. If anyone is aware of a
music player
similar to Foobar2000 (as I have heard it does not function well with WINE), please let me know.

Solution 1:

DeadBeef is continuously being developed, gradually closing the gap with Foobar2000.

Despite its limited number of addons, Foobar2000 makes up for it by being a lightweight and efficient music player/handler in Ubuntu.

With File browser plugin:

With Infobar plugin:

to install it:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alex-p/deadbeef
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install deadbeef 

Alternatively, you can choose to download the .deb file and install it, available for both i686 and amd64 platforms.

The installation of plugins, which are denoted as

.so files

, requires placing them in a specific folder.




Regarding the static portable version, the following


is applicable.

To address difficulties such as incompatibility and other concerns when utilizing plugins, please refer to this relevant response.

For guidance on converting audio files, refer to this question and its corresponding answer.

Deadbeef stands out as a significantly lighter player in terms of memory usage compared to other players that can be categorized as foobar-like.

The ‘Designer mode’ feature in the latest versions (currently 0.6.2) enhances its similarity to foobar. This feature integrates built-in or plugin features (such as file browser and infobar) into the interface, resembling the layout editing mode in foobar.

The link mentioned above provides information on how file conversion in Foobar2000 has become more similar.

Another excellent option, as previously stated in the responses, is Clementine.

Solution 2:

I like Clementine


Solution 3:

Why is DeadBeef http://deadbeef.sourceforge.net/ not being mentioned by anyone?

Solution 4:


The development of … drew significant inspiration from feature-rich media libraries such as Foobar2000, Amarok, and Quod Libet. It offers various layouts and themes that either borrow from or aim to replicate the designs of these well-known music players or others.

One can easily install it using the Software Center.

wget http://gmusicbrowser.org/squentin.key.asc -O - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb http://gmusicbrowser.org/deb ./'
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gmusicbrowser gmusicbrowser-art

The images, labeled as

my layout
, are displayed sequentially.

main features

  • Designed for extensive music collections (with more than 10,000 songs), currently being developed with a library of over 27,000 songs.
  • Refer to the layouts documentation for information on customizing window layouts.
  • Enable the effortless filtering of playlists to only include the current artist or album.
  • Conveniently find songs that are related to the currently playing song, ensuring easy access
  • songs from the same album
  • album(s) from the same artist(s)
  • songs with same title (other versions, covers, …)
  • Provide assistance for
    ogg vorbis, mp3
    and offer compatibility with flac files, as well as mpc/ape/m4a formats through the use of gstreamer, mplayer, or mpv.
  • Efficiently tagging and renaming in bulk.
  • The tip window of the tray icon is highly customizable and can be utilized to manage the player.
  • A highly customizable SongTree widget that creates a visually appealing list of songs (example).
  • Allowing a song to have various genres of support.
  • To include multiple artists for each song, simply separate their names using either ‘, ‘ or ‘ & ‘”.
  • One can assign personalized labels to individual songs, such as bootleg, live, and the user’s favorites.
  • The search feature is capable of handling nested conditions and supports searching any field using regular expressions or fuzzy search.
  • A mode that can be customized to select items randomly, taking into account various factors such as rating, last time played, label, and more.
  • Explore images and PDF files within the folder of the album.
  • The experimental feature allows users to remotely listen to their music by acting as an icecast server.
  • The plugin system consists of the following included plugins:
  • nowplaying (to update an external program when the playing song changes)
  • ,

  • last.fm
  • ,

  • find pictures
  • ,

  • simple lyrics
  • ,

  • artist or album info
  • , and

  • customizable desktop widgets
  • .

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