Is it possible to falsify the source IP address when sending a ping request through Windows Command Prompt?

DNS Spoofing occurs when the DNS server provides an incorrect entry or IP address for a requested website. As shown in the image, when a user sends a request for a specific website, the request is sent to the DNS server to obtain the IP address of the website.


Currently, I am utilizing the ping command to verify the functionality of my website that is being hosted on a local server.

Solution 1:

In what way can I obtain
ip address
while sending a ping request from
windows command prompt

To modify your local network address, you can set an alternative
static IP address
in the “Network and Sharing Center” of your Windows operating system. The steps to accomplish this may vary depending on the version of Windows you have, but you should be able to find instructions with a quick online search.

To disguise your true Internet IP address, you might need to locate a proxy server, log in to it, and then initiate a ping from that particular device.

Solution 2:

The meaning of spoof and IP depends on the context in which they are being used.

It may not be possible to choose a specific IP4 or IP6, for instance, pretending to be from Google’s IP. However, testing multiple IPs against a security firewall is a different matter altogether.

VPN services, such as, allow users to utilize their IP address. Anonymity levels may vary among providers, with some offering additional features like access to different countries or cities. Payment options also vary. Additionally, some VPNs keep records of user activity, while others do not.

To falsify an IP on an intranet, one simply needs to modify the IP address in the modem adapter.

BPID Security

Solution 3:

In case you intend to manipulate your address by pretending to request from a different address than


such as


, please note that any response from the system will be directed to


and will be disregarded.

Essentially, though there may be certain opportunities to falsify an address, it is important to note that this action is unidirectional and will not yield a response to your inquiry.

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